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Our Blogs will focus on topics such as:

Vibes and feel

One of the biggest things you will need to figure out in your early research stage is the vibe of the more prominent expat communities in different countries.

Cost of Living

Cost of Living and the feel and vibe of destinations are probably the most important things to research early on for most expats.

Personal Experience

We feel that personal experience blogs are very important in helping people get a feel of the expat life style

Immigration Policies

Immigration policies are very different between countries. It's important to know visa, residency and citizenship requirements when deciding what country to expatriate to.

Car Registration

Car registration processes in first world countries and the places with a lot of expats is vastly different. And honestly can be frustrating.

Buying Property

Much like car registration buying property can be pretty tricky for expats in some countries. Being well informed before you start the process is a must

Taking the Leap: Our Journey of Leaving Home to Become a Expat Family

It can be challenging to take the leap and become an expat. Our family has done just that, and it’s been a journey! We want to share our story with you, hoping it will inspire you to take the plunge too. Why did we choose to become expats? What were some of the challenges we faced? Why did we finally decide on Mexico as our destination? And what caused us to start a website hoping to be a “one-stop-shop” for expats?

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