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Next Stop Abroad:
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your expat adventure.

We, as a team, believe in helping every individual who is a part of the expat or digital nomad community.  

We know how challenging it can be to find professionals and services in an unfamiliar place. That’s why we strive to connect you with a wide range of experts in various fields. From real estate agents to doctors and lawyers, we have got you covered. With our assistance, you can focus on acclimatizing yourself to the new environment, while we take care of the rest. In short, we are here to support you at every step of your journey.

We Build Networks of Trusted Independent Professionals in Cities with Bigger Expat Communities

Once you leave your native country, you quickly find that professionals in other countries use word-of-mouth much more than back home, making it much harder to know who is trustworthy and does quality work. We have built a network of professionals to alleviate these stress. 

Here is how our network of professionals can make your life much easier:

We Vet Every Professional

One of the biggest concerns for an expat is how do we find a trustworthy professional. We will take care of that for you by vetting every professional in the network.
Our standard of professionalism from the independent service providers in the network is high.

Wide Array of Fields.

Our goal is to become the ultimate resource for expats, offering a wide variety of services from immigration support to housekeeping and beyond. We'll then broaden our scope even further by providing real estate listings, recreational activities, store fronts with medical professionals – not forgetting fun events specifically tailored toward people who've relocated abroad!

Peace of mind

As an expat, the fear of being taken advantage of can be daunting. We provide peace-of-mind by not only thoroughly vetting all the professionals, but also by keeping our communication records so that any disputes are handled with transparency and fairness.

Our Team

Our Team at Next Stop Abroad are a mix of expats and English-speaking local nationals who are dedicated to helping find the best quality of life possible. We are available to answer any questions might have. Feel free to contact us any time via the live chat or the Contact Us tab.

Here are Some Service Categories We Can Help you Find Professionals

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