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What is Next Stop Abroad?

Here at Next Stop Abroad,

We aim to help people at every stage of the expat or digital nomad process.

This means providing you with the information needed about different destinations so you can more easily narrow down where the first stop on your expat journey will begin.

Then when you are living in our new host country, we are here to help you find the people and services you need to make life much easier.

Writing Blogs on a wide range of ex-pat topics 

Our Blogs will focus on topics such as:

Vibes and feel

One of the biggest things you will need to figure out in your early research stage is the vibe of the more prominent expat communities in different countries.

Cost of Living

Cost of Living and the feel and vibe of destinations are probably the most important things to research early on for most expats.

Personal Experience

We feel that personal experience blogs are very important in helping people get a feel of the expat life style

Immigration Policies

Immigration policies are very different between countries. It's important to know visa, residency and citizenship requirements when deciding what country to expatriate to.

Car Registration

Car registration processes in first world countries and the places with a lot of expats is vastly different. And honestly can be frustrating.

Buying Property

Much like car registration buying property can be pretty tricky for expats in some countries. Being well informed before you start the process is a must.

what makes us different

We Build Network of Trusted Professional workers

Once you leave your home country, you quickly find that professionals in other countries use word-of-mouth much more than in your home country.

Here is some of the ways our network of professionals can make your life much easier.

We Vet Everyone

One of the biggest concerns for an expat is how do we find a trustworthy professional. We will take care of that for you by Vetting every professional in the network. Simply put, our standard of professionalism from the service providers in the network is high.

Wide Array of Fields

Our goal is to become the ultimate resource for expats, offering a wide variety of services from immigration support to housekeeping and beyond. We'll then broaden our scope even further by providing real estate listings, recreational activities, store fronts with medical professionals – not forgetting fun events specifically tailored toward people who've relocated abroad!

Peace of mind

As an expat, the fear of being taken advantage of can be daunting. We provide peace-of-mind by not only thoroughly vetting all the professionals, but also by keeping our communication records so that any disputes are handled with transparency and fairness.

Our Team

Our Team at Next Stop Abroad are a mix of expats and English-speaking local nationals who are dedicated to helping find the best quality of life possible. We believe this will help grow the networks fastest when we expand into a new cities-- while also being fully connected about what the needs are for people on an expat journey. Contact us anytime and let us help make your life just a bit easier!

Coming Soon:

 Consultations and Packages

We will soon have consultation packages for  expats’ who wants for more personalized help. 

For instance, the first package we will introduce is the relocation package, which will give you direct access  with a regional manager for the city that you are moving to (as long as we have a network in said city, of course).  The manager will go in-depth with you about any aspect of the moving process, including finding you professionals that will move our household goods, if you need. Moreover, they will then go over what types of professional you will need to utilize once you get to your new home country. This includes things like immigration specialst, trusted real estate agents, car registration specialist ect.

Additionally, we are coming up with more focused packages to be able to sit down and go over clients options within specialized fields like real estate for instance.

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