30 Best Facebook groups for Travelers & Travel Bloggers

Heading for a trip? Wondering where to find tons of travel inspiration and advice from fellow travelers? Look no further! I have prepared for you a list of 30 Best Facebook groups for Travelers & Travel Bloggers you should consider joining in 2016. I personally love Facebook groups as it is a great place to get inspiration from like-minded people. Travelers and Travel bloggers in particular love to encourage and support each other as well as share a lot of valuable information, travel itineraries and advice completely for free.

I’ve divided these 30 groups based on few criteria so feel free to check them out & join those groups that catches your heart. I’ve included only those that are really active & supportive, groups where people ask questions and get replies from fellow travelers, post pictures and blog posts, encourage each other and help each other become better travel blogger and more experienced traveler. These Facebook groups for travelers and travel bloggers create virtual communities full of encouragement.

List of 30 Best Facebook groups for Travelers & Travel Bloggers:

  • For nomads & backpackers:

Nomads – a life of free/cheap travel (118 000) – defined by the group owner as “online community for sharing ideas & information on low-budget/moneyless/low-impact ways to live sustainably on the road.”

Backpacking (17 000) – do you enjoy backpacking, outdoor adventurers and exploring the world around? This might be a group for you.

NOMADS – a place where travelers share tips and stories (16 500) – online forum for travelers to ask questions and advice from each other


  • For travel-obsessed ladies who seek advice & inspiration:

Girls LOVE travel (25 000) – are you a lady planning a solo adventure? Are you wondering what to pack and what the best itinerary would be? Or just need a support during more challenging life situation you’re going through? Join the group for some encouragement.

Girls vs. Globe (2500) – smaller, but rich in content & support, group that is growing really fast. One of my favorites actually. Have you started a new blog and need some support with promoting it or a specific advice on some WordPress plugin? Raise your question here, girls from this amazing community always help out.

Travelettes (15 000) – “This group is for lady travelers looking for tips, advice and inspiration when planning their upcoming travels.” Agreed, this statement said it all.

  •  For travel bloggers collaborations & blogs promotions:

Have you launched your travel blog and want to make your following bigger? These are the groups where you can get support from others in various form (like for like, comment exchanges, re-tweeting on Twitter, etc) as well as collaborate with other bloggers: Travel Bloggers Social Media Sharing Group (450), Next level travel blogging (350), Under 1000 club (1700), Ultimate Travel blogging guest posts (550), Drifters Unite – Travel Bloggers (1700), We See the World Bloggers (270), Travel Blogger Tales (5800), Travel Bloggers Network (1100) & Travel bloggers united (2600).

This is me – putting together my “Let’s start a travel blog” ideas back in June 2015 🙂

Travel blogs promotions (3800) – shamelessly presenting my own travel group that gathers travel bloggers with one aim – inspire & learn from each other by reading & commenting on other bloggers blog posts that we find interesting. Join us for daily threads if you want to increase your blog following.

Ultimate Travel Group (UTG) (3000) from blogs collaborations to travel related giveaways, UTG is a must-join group for every (especially aspiring) travel blogger.

Bloggers and Travelers (8600) – community of travel bloggers promoting their own blog posts and helping each other out.

Travelette Hosts (1800) – are you heading to Dublin or Rome and you want some company? Do let girls know! Maybe someone will join you to show you around.

Part-Time Traveler Talk (2700) – because some travelers travel part time along with maintaining their full time careers.

Tbex Travel Buddies (333) – are you attending Tbex conference (the largest travel blogging conference connecting travel bloggers with travel agencies, tourism boards & brands)? Find new friends who’re heading to the conference up front! 🙂

Travel Video Group (1200) – are you creating travel videos and want to promote your YouTube Channel?

The Business of Blogging (3800) – group members help to answer your SEO related questions as well as advice on plugins and sponsored posts.
Travel Press Trips (360) – would you like to get on a press trip? This group might be a great source of information.

  • For digital nomads:

Home Swaps for Digital Nomads around the world (1000) - are you traveling abroad and leaving your flat empty? What about swapping it with other nomad and get to live for free for a while in his place? Not only you save money but you also help each other not to pay rent/hotel or hostel during your travels.

Digital Nomads Around the World (12 000) - gathering almost 12k people, this group serves as a place for sharing life advice and lessons learned from living the life on the road, as a digital nomad. Are you a digital nomad who looks for interesting projects? Do join!

Chiang Mai Digital Nomads (9000) - never heard of a capital city of all DNs? It's Chiang Mai for sure. I personally cannot wait to check this city out later this year.

Webworktravel - Digital Nomad Network (11 300) - another group full of digital nomads who share their experience and support each other.


  • For travel photography: 

Traveling around the world with a camera (26 000) and Travel Photography Community (10 000) both serve as platforms for sharing pictures captured by travelers and professional photographers. Do you want to get inspired by seeing portraits of people from South East Asia, of Middle East architecture or of an African safari? These are the groups you want to join.

Am I missing any other travel related group? Do let me know! I'd be happy to add it to this list.

If this article helped you, let me know! 🙂 I am always happy to read your comments and chat with you in the comment section below.
Nika ♥


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Veronika Dobrovolna

Nika loves hiking in the nature, landscape photography, crazy adventures and sharing her experiences & tips with the world. She is a former figure-skater and project manager by profession.

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  • Thanks for this post: I’ve just joined A LOAD of the groups you’ve mentioned. Also, I’m totally in agreement about GVG: everyone is so friendly and helpful 🙂

  • The Weekend Wanderlust Facebook group is a travel community where we share our blog posts (in a weekly link-up), host a weekly twitter chat, and just talk about all things travel 🙂 https://www.facebook.com/groups/weekendwanderlust/

  • thanks for putting this list together! excited to see I was part of a bunch already and found some new ones, too. see you in the forums!

    xo christina

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  • What an incredible list! Thanks for sharing these!

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    This is so useful! Thank you so much for this awesomely informative post.

  • This is extremely useful! Thank you so much, you’re the best 🙂

  • Thank you so much for the amazing list!

  • Enna

    Girl Gone International have communities in almost 100 cities all over the world too – 120,000 women in total! 🙂 Always here to support women who are far from home or living overseas 🙂 Our new website is launching soon so as to bring us all together in one place and make it easier to find your local community. In the meantime, you can search for Girl Gone International + city in google and Facebook. Oh and we have a magazine too. Next issue is coming out this week! Issue 8 http://joom.ag/jRob is a previous issue (100,000 unique readers last year) .. and we all do it for free and for the love of it. If you ever want to share your Girl Gone International story let us know! Would love to feature you as we love what you are doing!!!! Really inspiring! <3 Anne x

  • Ria

    Great list! Didn’t know about some of the groups:)

  • Thank you! This list is very helpful for a newcomer like me!

  • This is a fantastic list! I’m pleased to see we’re already following a bunch, but there are some that are new to us… excited to check them out!

  • Thomas

    This is a fantastic list for newbies to join…like us! Thank you for sharing. Happy Travels!

  • This is a fantastic list for newbies to join…like us! Thank you for sharing. Happy Travels!

  • Just shot you a message for joining your group on Facebook! 🙂

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  • That was sooooo helpful for me! I’ve just send some requests for the groups, thank you 🙂
    I wish they will help me to become a full-time blogger and photographer 🙂

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    Great article! It definitely helped me to create a list and to find all the relevant groups I wanted to join! Hopefully we can all connect there and support reach other:) I just joined a lot of them

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    Thank for sharing this Great information about top Facebook traveler Group & Travel Blogger. I am Looking for travel blogger for my CurrencyKart websites.

  • Haley Woods

    Nika – I went to search for you and see your FB has been deactivated. Was wondering if you were going to update this list for 2017? When Girls LOVE Travel was posted last year it was listed at 25,000 members and now has over 238,000!


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    Totally amazing, Thank you for sharing

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    Thank you so much! I´ve joined quite a few of the groups you mentioned as well as yours. This is a great piece of advice for those who are starting in this world as is my case 🙂

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    This is for those foreigners who really want to discover india and want to see the true nature and live atleast a few precious moments.I Am a student who love travelling so it will be kindda free of cost INDIA is truly a big country and it’s basically divided into three parts if we are talking about tourism……the north a cold place where a range of mountains is there(Kashmir the place known as heaven on earth , lord’s place HImachal and many more)…….then south a hot place but uncountable things to discover a lot of temples and old monuments with a story behind them……. there a lot more than this i am not a good writer but yes a good tourist though so give me a chance if you really want to live few days closure to the mother nature.

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    I think you should recommend the group : Tips4travel

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